Restart CORD-in-a-Box gracefully

Restart CORD-in-a-Box gracefully

We will need to restart CORD-in-a-Box in many reasons, like as server’s power was cut off, or you need to move server from one place to another place, there always are many possibilities to encounter this situation. In this article, I will have a brief introduction about how to restart CiaB and make it works perfectly.

So I’ll start from a CiaB, and it was just built successfully.

Stop/Start Vagrant VM

We can list all vm by the following command:

We can use vagrant halt fdb9229 to stop virtual machines, and start it by vagrant up fdb9229 --provider libvirt command.

But due to compute node’s characteristic, we can’t start compute node before head node, that’s because compute node depends on pxe boot up, so we have to make head node up first, and the MAAS will comes up automatically. After MAAS was already started, compute node can be boot now.

Delete all neutron network

The official script have a command to quickly clean-up the openstack neutron environment, make clean-openstack, but this command will not going to delete all network, so we have to delete network manually.

Last step: iptables forwarding policy

After vagrant started, the iptables policy changed from ACCEPT to DROP, this may cause your instance don’t have internet connectivity.

So we should turn it on by following command.

Then if your instance have public network, it can ping to Google DNS now.

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